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Searching for a scene to paint can sometimes be a frustrating process. There is so much in the landscape that it can be overwhelming and ‘where to start’ is often one of the biggest stumbling blocks for many painters. In this workshop, Paul will focus on techniques for seeking out and painting successful watercolor landscapes. By moving your focus away from landscapes full of daunting information and instead, considering some strong design elements, you will learn how to find interest even in the less obvious scenes. We will cover important and key topics such as using contrast for impact, creating a strong focal point and the importance of cast shadows, which will lead us on to making paintings out of nothing and introducing white into your work. Paul will demonstrate techniques and paintings as well as set practise and exercise work to try out in class. The workshop will be good for painters of all abilities and Paul is adept at tailoring his help and friendly advice to assist individuals at any level.

18 -20 May 2020

9:00am - 4:00pm each day

LaPoste, 1219 Warford St, Perry, IA 50220, USA

From $355.00

Watercolour Course