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Loosen up your approach and use exciting techniques to make better, more dynamic watercolour paintings. In this workshop, Paul will explore with you, three hugely important elements of watercolour painting - composition, lost and found techniques and value ranges. There will be a lot of information here that will advance your work in many ways and push your watercolours beyond the ordinary. Through demonstrations, group exercises and individual attention, he will share with you the elements of composition, such as arranging shapes, using perspective and contrast to full effect and making a busy focus. You will explore many techniques and variations for introducing lost and found in your work before exploring the importance of value ranges and concentrating on ways of expanding the impact in a painting through dark and light. Paul teaches in a relaxing manner and is very encouraging to painters of all abilities. His appraisal of work in the classroom is addressed in an honest, friendly and respectful way to allow you to see all the positive and negative elements that may help you to improve beyond the workshop environment.

13 - 15 May 2020

9:00am - 4:00pm each day

LaPoste, 1219 Warford St, Perry, IA 50220, USA

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Watercolour Course

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