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By proceeding with an online booking you are agreeing to the COURSE BOOKING TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

By making an online booking you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to the following terms and conditions:


  1. All led paintings and material supplied for class paintings are intended for learning only and must not be sold or passed off as your own work. For more information on this, checkout this website.
  2. Booking fees cover tuition only and do not include any art materials, meals or overnight accommodation unless otherwise stated. Details of the courses including suggested materials & equipment will be emailed to you on receipt of your booking.
  3. Bookings are accepted online through Bookings made without payment will only be held for 7 days, after which I reserve the right to offer your reservation to other applicants.
  4. Only when your payment has been made can I fully guarantee your booking.
  5. Most courses are limited to 15 people and weekend courses are limited to 12 people. However it is sometimes necessary to allow a slight increase depending on booking patterns.
  6. All participants of the courses take part at their own discretion and are individually and wholly responsible for their own property and actions, either on or off the course premises, for the duration of each session.
  7. Parking of participants vehicles is done so entirely at the owner's risk.
  8. Your payment secures your place on the course, however if you have to cancel your booking your refund will be subject to a one off £20.00 administration charge. This covers processing your initial booking, processing your cancellation, any occurring refund costs plus any extra time and expense advertising for or enrolling another painter onto the course. Please note that any bookings cancelled from one month of the course date onwards cannot be refunded unless a replacement person can be found. In most cases I do my best to fill cancellations and refund your payment.
  9. In the unlikely event of a course being cancelled, moved or rearranged you will be offered a full refund of your payment or an alternative course. The organiser will not be held responsible for any extra costs arising out of the cancellation of a course.