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SAA 14ml Watercolour Paints

Artist quality watercolour paints. These paints contain a generous amount of gum arabic which helps to slow down the flow of colour as well as maintain a rich finish. Colours shown here are for a guide only.

3 x 14ml Watercolours


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Opaque White


Lemon Yellow

Naples Yellow

Cadmium Yellow

Raw Sienna

Yellow Ochre

Quinacridone Gold

Cadmium Orange

Burnt Sienna

Cadmium Red

Burnt Umber

Warm Sepia


Light Red

Permanent Rose

Alizarin Crimson

Quinacridone Magenta

Manganese Violet

Intense Violet

Tanslucent Grey

French Ultramarine

Cobalt Blue

Phthalo Blue (Red shade)

Tropical Phthalo Blue

Cerulean Blue

Prussian Blue


Hooker's Green

Sap Green

Lime Green